NEW Children’s Feeding Clinic!

Paediatric Feeding Clinic


Multi Professional Assessment and Treatment Service for
Picky Eaters and Problem Feeders

Supporting children and families to overcome barriers to feeding and eating caused by:

· Food intolerances

· Gastrointestinal disorders

· Swallow difficulties

· Oromotor skills

· Sensory Processing Disorder

· Coordination Difficulties

· Limited food repertoire

· Poor nutritional balance

· Low calorie intake

· Poor weight gain

Our specialist team assesses your child in a multidisciplinary assessment with advice from our:

· Paediatrician

· Occupational Therapist

· Speech and Language Therapist

· Dietitian

Picky Eaters and Problem Feeders

Children with feeding difficulties may struggle to gain weight, have difficulty consuming sufficient calories to develop along healthy growth curves or have a poor nutritional balance.

Feeding difficulties may arise from any number of reasons including gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies, poor oromotor development or sensory processing disorders. The goal of our multidisciplinary assessment team is to establish reasons for feeding difficulties whilst ensuring your child develops a good food range and experiences safe feeding, drinking and swallowing.

Our Assessment and Treatment Centre is located at:

30 Enterprise House

44-46 Terrace Road

Walton on Thames


KT12 2SD

Tel: 01932 259831


Please get in touch or ask your GP to refer your child if they have any of the problems described above!

Paula x 


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